ORPORATE AYCAN Aviation is a privately owned company and has experienced in aerospace industry since 1997. We are specialised in machining and offer our customers to be their solution partners. AYCAN Aviation has a broad perspective that aims to compete globally and we are specialised in all forms of CNC milling, CNC machining and turning for 19 years. With our extensive experience in machining Inconel 718, Rene 41, Titanium, Aluminium, Steel, stainless steel and..

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Aycan Aviation has experienced in machining of super-alloys, titanium, Inconel-718, RN88, RN41, stainless steel, aluminium and some other materials and capable of manufacturing high precision parts with high quality with the capabilities of CNC Turning, CNC Milling, and CMM Inspection.

Machine Park

Aycan invests on the CNC machines and quality control equipment to increase its capacity and the diversity of the products.


Precision Machining
Fixture, tool and die designs
Reverse Engineering
3D modelling
CAD/CAM capabilities